Contributing to real estate sales
with CG and VR
terior provides one-stop solution support for attracting customers to real estate online,
from planning to content creation, analysis of the results,
and proposal of next actions.

ABOUT terior What is terior?

terior is a comprehensive CG VR production service specializing in real estate,
construction, remodeling and other housing-related operation.

By creating a CG VR of a pre-production property and virtual staging,
we propose an attractive image of a finished home to both real estate agents and end users.

  1. Shooting
  2. CG Making Service
  3. Virtual Tour Making

FEATURE Why do customers chose terior?

Increased online customer attraction rate
150% up in PV
※ When using virtual home staging
Increases online customer attraction rate
200% up in web response
※ When using virtual home staging
Properties sell faster with visualization
Sales can be accelerated by 3.5 months
※ When using VR properties

SERVICE List of Production Contents


CG Making Service

A service that processes still and panoramic images into a high quality computer graphics with low cost and quick delivery.
Room photos can be used to increase the Web response rate, contributing to an increase in the mediation acquisition rate and satisfing the seller of the property.

  • 2D Virtual Staging
    (Staging or Erasing)
  • 360° Virtual Staging
    (Staging or Erasing)
  • 2D Virtual Renovation
  • 360° Virtual Renovation
  • Exterior processing
    (2D or 360°)
  • 360° Full CG Staging
  • Office Staging
    (2D or 360°)
  • CG Furniture Making

VR Making Service

By using VR to procreate pre-production houses on photos of vacant land, you can virtually preview the properties anytime and anywhere.
VR image will allow incomplete houses can go on sale and increase mediation acquisition rate.
It can also simulate a renovation when combined with a live-image.

  • Interior view CG
    (1point of view)
  • Interior view CG & Virtual Tour
    (10points of view)
  • Interior view CG & ShapeSpark(Only LD)
    $450 /1point
  • Insert video
    $450~ /1point
  • Interior Color Simulation
    $100~ /1color
  • Insert pop-up display
    $10~ /1point
  • Exterior CG
    (1building, 1view)
  • Land Reclamation Simulation
  • Exteior CG × ShapeSpark
  • 360° Simulation
  • Interior Perspective Image
    Optional: $180
  • Exterior Perspective Image
    Optional: $180
  • Bird's-eye View Image
  • Insert Movie

Original VR
Application Development

We develop VR application which will allow customers to simulate and navigate through pre-constructed city spaces or shopping malls in produced in CG.

CG VR products can be utilized in several occasions such as exhibitions and showrooms, leading a smooth conversion to business meetings and making contracts.


Online VR Communication

By uploading CG VR generated houses on our VR platform service "comony", users may virtually communicate with their customers over voice chats.

Customers may access houses online, from anywhere and anytime. Customers may also simulate interior layouts and seek an advice from professional interior designer via VR space.


Web Site Production

We create websites for companies specializing in real estate. With an attractive website, we contribute to the increase of response rate and mediation acquisition rate.

By increasing the engagement of your company's website, you can increase the chance of getting a response for the properties you handle.

It can be used not only for business negotiations, but also as a tool to introduce staff members.


CG Furniture Production

CG furniture can be created according to the customer's request. The original furniture created can be used as furniture assets for virtual home staging and VR properties.